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I've got my own wiki page called game and show reviews :D so go there and join for lastest review and whats
hot whats not!!!!!!!!!!
My what it means to be a kiwi quote:

To chill out and have a kiwi style BBQ!

words of wisdom: don't let life control you like a puppet YOU control life like a puppet. meaning - don't let oppertunities go by take those oppertunities and use them.
words of wisdom: Life is a big white board you draw what you want to on it. meaning - in life you choose what you want to become dont let others choose for you just because they want you to.
new ones every week
a game i like to play on the web is called roblox.com its a cool lego like building game where you can build, buy, trade or make groups you can also play as well. its a awesome game!