Jacks page

A little bit about myself:

I'm really into rugby and I play for Pakuranga rugby club.

I also enjoy playing on my Xbox 360.

Mass effect & Assassins creed are cool games I like to play.

I mountain bike in the summer.

I've made it into the black rugby team for pakuranaga rugby club and we have training in wednesdays and games on saturdays.


My motu moana recount

I was at the top of a 35m high structure, the abseiling tower, a moment I will never forget. There was a strong wind making me uneasy and nervous, being so high was not a fear of mine but I was scared. The instructor gave me a little talk and strapped me onto the rope. I took a leap of faith the first step. I leaned back trusting the harness fastened tight around my waist, holding my rope I slowly let it slip through my hands letting me slowly descend.

I heard seagulls singing and screeching. I looked over my shoulder down at the ground; I was 20 meters off the high. A cool breeze swiped my nostril as I slowly lowered myself down. Sweat oozed out of my pours and into my eyes from my head as fear poured into me. The wall seemed to go on forever, but I was only half way there and my hand had serious rope burns but I persisted. People were waiting at the bottom of the wall shouting phrases. The thrill thrived through.

I am at the bottom, like the leaving of a memory; the rush of adrenaline had stopped. “Phew” I said. A feeling of safety and relief was running threw my veins. Saliva was over flowing in my mouth, I was in need of a drink. Mum came to congratulate me for my success I had on the wall, that’s when I knew the memory was set in stone.

My pin ball poem

As the pin ball fell
His life turned to hell
He didn't know what to do
Not a singal clue
He was badly hurt
As he hit the dirt
When he got up
A guy said "sup"
He was at the end
Just around the bend