HEY GUYS! Just to let you know that I am HANNA!!!!!

This is my WEEMEE!!!

Name: Hanna Rico
Full name: Johanna Paola Salas Rico
Age: 12
D.O.B: March 6 1999, 12:08am, on Saturday
Family: Dad, Mum, sister, ME!! brother
From: The Philippines, we moved to NZ on 2007 around
Live: I live on Paparoa Road by Howick College
and Cockle Bay Primary School
Pet/s: my family has a German Shnowser, Her name is
Rosie and she has a beard and a short tai
I like: Dodge Ball, Biking, Running and I get swimming
lessons on Saturdays
My family and I are moving to a new house on the 14 of October.