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All about me!!!
Name: Finnlay Sinead Stewart
D.O.B: 18 September
Hometown: Hunmanby England
My job: Dog trainer
School: Somerville Intermediate Yr 8 Rm 17 Syn E PAPAROA.
Hobbies: Dancing, acting, cheerleading, gymnastics and hanging out with my friends
Besties: Chloe, Gemma, Brittany, Kristin, Yasmine, Sophie, Tristan and Sheena
My Pets: 14 Chickens,
1 horse: Choodessa,
2 pigs: Pretzil and Ralf,
1 goat: Buffy,
1 Sheep: Boggles,
1 dog: Savannah,
2 kittens: Twitch and Mia (re-homed)
5 cats: Tia (Mine)
Mojo (Kori's)
Ozzy (Dad's)
Zuki (Mum's and mum of kittens)
Rockey (Leah's)
1 Duck: Duck Duck

Finnlay’s Speech

So you think life on a farm is boring do you? well think again my speech is going to inform you on the goodness of farm life, and maybe it will inspire you to explore or work on a farm yourself one day.

What is a farm?most of you are probably sitting there thinking a farm is somewhere out of town in a rural area with animals on it, well that is semi right but a farm definitely has more to it then that. if not it would be boring.

Lets start with the animals. As you probably know there are many animals you could find on a farm, if I stood here and told you all of them I would be here all day and I don’t think you would want that. so I am only going to tell you the more common ones. These are Cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, chickens,dogs and cats. The variety of animals on a farm can range from tiny little pests to great big horses so be careful where you stand anything could jump out at you.

This leeds me to feeding time on the farm. Feeding your animals is always going to be part of your daily routine and it is tiring. You must always make sure you feed your animals the right feed at the same time and the right amount. If not and the amount of feed you feed them is dramatically changed it could lead to illness or even death. Also always make sure your animals have plenty pf water especially the bigger and older animals.

Bedtime for your animals is simple really. The chickens put themselves to sleep, the cats find a sofa or bed to sleep on the dog makes its way to the garage you will lead the horses to the stables and all the other animals will either sleep in the fields or go into the barn. If your animals do not settle straight away it is a sign of distress and you may want to get it checked out.

The next morning when you clean the horse stables always keep some manure by this might sound gross to some of you it is, but it is the best nutrients for your vegetables. What do you do with it? you spray it down, mix it together (with gloves), leave it to dry then put it over your vegetables.

Home grown vegetables from the farm are very delicious. There are many vegetables you can grow on a farm. Some farmers choose to grow the more expensive ones to save money but others grow everything. If so you need to plant them in a secure vegetable garden. Why? well because of bugs, animals and even the weather can get to them and they will be history. The best thing to plant them in is soil mixed with manure. Once they are fully grown you wash them and then eat them. My favourite home made meal is vegetable soup. Did you know that you can also make your
own hay and bread but I will get to that another time.

Mud,mud,mud and more mud I can guarantee that every farm comes with mud. The best part is having mud fights with your family and mud sliding down the muddy hills. You are probably thinking why would you want to do that? Well because it is fun trust me.

I hope you have learnt something about life on a farm, and maybe you will consider going and helping on a farm. Even owning your own farm one day.

Thank You.

Pin-RepNews Script ByFinnlayRm-17

Finnlay: Good Evening and welcome to Pin-rep news I am your host Many Penny, and this evening we will be going to the top deadline PINBALL TAKES THRILLER RIDE FOR THE FIRST TIME!.

Now we will be interviewing Mr Pinball himself for the first time. (pinball roles in).
  1. What did it really feel like in the pinball machine?

Pinball: Pain, horror, the end of the world. It was dark until the game actually started I had no idea where I was.

Finnlay: 2. Were you expecting it to be that rough?

Pinball: No I wasn’t expecting anything at-all. All I remember was being with the other Pinball’s and then being pulled towards a magnetic arm and then BAM! I was out in the open. It was pure torture.

Finnlay: Well that was the young Pinball himself, thank you for your time.

Pinball: My pleasure.

Finnlay: Now for Pinball’s Dad
(Older Pinball roles in)

Finnlay: What did it feel like when you were in the Pinball machine for the first time?

Older Pinball: When I did the pinball course for the first time, it was like a blast. I was in a room with other Pinball’s, and then the force of the magnetic arm. It was pure torture, and those reprobates they are some aggressive twins.

Finnlay: Were you proud of Pinball?

Older Pinball: Yes I was very proud of my son Pinball. He makes me prouder the more battered he gets. Because the more hurt he gets the more he will get used to it.

Finnlay: That was the older Pinball

Older Pinball: HAAAAY
Finnlay: Thank you for your time.

Finnlay: Now the peprobates

How many times have you hit a Pinball?

Reprobates: We have hit a pinball so many times that we can’t even remember.

Finnlay: Do you get annoyed in the Pinball machine?

Reprobates: No we don’t get annoyed in there we actually enjoy hitting all those Pinball’s.

Finnlay: Oh Oh Ok Tank you for your time.

Finnlay: Do you no how much pain you are causing the Pinball’s?

Pinball Player: Nope and I don’t really care. I mean it’s jut a stupid ball that gets hit around. The only thing I care about is if the little twurp goes through the bottom.

Finnlay: Thank you

Player: and that’s the last time I tell you anything about my life!!!!!!!!!

Finnlay: Well that’s all for todays session of Pin-rep news. I’m Many Penny and thank you for your time.