Being a kiwi to me is just breathing the fresh air and enjoying the outdoors.

It is supporting all the New Zealand sports teams and eating hokey pokey

ice-cream on a really hot day.But overall someone who is a kiwi is just

someone who is really AWESOME!!!!


Everywhere he goes
he's in the big machine,
an open mouth that dribbles out
spit that can't be seen.

Where was he to go
he wanted to get away,
getting smacked and pushed around
wasn't how he imagined the game

He entered a dark alleyway
and couldn't see a thing,
expletive, he said
get me out of this machine!!!

There he was falling down
towards a dim red light,
he fell down a hole, his body all bruised
It wasn't a very nice sight.

He saw a little house
that was really safe and warm,
he stayed in there for hours
until he saw that it was dawn.