to my page. My name is Brandon Trump I am 12 years old and I am born in South Africa. I came here to New Zealand when I was three to four years old, we have recently been back to South Africa to see our family and friends. We stay probably at the most amazing place\hotel in the world and that place is called sun city there are two parts of it there is Sun city and the other is the lost city we stayed at both parts but the best by far was the lost city. I don't have much hobbies but I suppose like all it would be gaming consoles like Xbox, PS3 and Nitendo. I love playing on my Xbox and PS3, my favorite games would have to be Halo, Black ops and ACB.


As I get fired forward
I see every thing become a blur.
Oh no not that way
thank goodness I get thrown away.
As I roll I become confused
but finally I find a place to take refuge.

This is my Letter

Brandon Trump
Somerville Intermediate School
39 Somerville Road
Whitford 2014

6th May 2011

Hello my name is Brandon Trump and I am twelve years old and born in the year 1999. I am at Somerville Intermediate in Auckland New Zealand and my teacher is Mrs Rooke in Room 17, I have at least thirteen friends here at Somerville. My favorite subject here would be maths because I like solving problems.

My favorite hobby would be sotting at home building models my favorite model would have to be the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 edition. I also like watching the program Big Bang Theory because I find it really funny. Me and my family quite like sport and we ca’t wait for the Rugby World Cup. We are planing to bring over our family and friends and sit and watch around the T.V.

My dad is a pilot so we are quite often go up north to fly. we mainly go up for weekends or holidays, I love flying with my dad and seeing all of the small people below. When we go we normally book into a hotel and eat at the same restaurant every time because of there real good food.

I also like collecting cars, my favorite collection of cars would be my Ferrari collection and all of the cars are still in mint condition and are worth a lot of money. It would have taken me months to collect them all.

I hope you will write back and tell a little bit about yourself as well and also share a bit of what you like, I hope I hear from you soon.

yours sincerely