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At school in compass class I do some studies like reading library books about 10 minutes, I do my goals yesterday, I am coloring my drawing and i color my face in compass class. My teacher is miss johnston she looks after the student at afternoon. when its over 2:45 pm we leave the compass class and I go back to class, My teacher is mrs rooke and the compass class is finish

Dear student

My name is Anthony Lu and I am 12 years old.
I attend Somerville Intermediate School, I'm in year 8, my teacher is Mrs Rooke, My friends are Todd, Jaden and Marcus. I love being in room 17 and my favourite subject is P.E.

I have 1 sister named Becky and 1 brother named Hanson. I have 1 kitten named milly, I'm very kind and caring, I have short dark hair and brown eyes.

I would like a boy as a pen pal.

My hobbies that i enjoy are playing playstation.

I enjoy helping mum at wendys ice cream parlour which mum owns. I enjoy playing the piano at home but i failed the exam. I collect toy cars, My favourite car is the tocque screw. My favourite colour is yellow, my favourite food is tomatoes and eggs, my favourite tv show is Family Guy because it makes me laugh, I speak ma